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GLAM Mani (60min) / R325
_Full Mani – cuticle work if necessary, file, buff, soak, exfoliate, massage

Express Mani (40min) / R245
_Cuticle work if necessary, file, buff and cream application

File, buff & paint (25min) / R155
GLAM Paint free Mani (45min) / R225
Princess Mani (20min) / R110
_Under 12‘s only

GLAM Pedi (60min) / R345
_Full Pedi – cuticle work if necessary, file, buff, soak, exfoliate, foot file and massage

Express Pedi (40min) / R255
_Cuticle work if necessary, file and cream application

File, buff & paint (25min) / R165
GLAM Paint free Pedi (45min) / R255
Princess Pedi (20min) / R110
_Under 12‘s only

Medi-Heel Glam Pedi (60min) / R520
_Medi-Heel’s chemical peel is a keratolytic chemical and only works on the dead skin cells of the feet, it will not affect the healthy skin

Medi-Heel Glam Pedi with polish (60min) / R620


Gel polish applied. Cured under a LED lamp. Lasts longer than nail polish. Cannot be filled. Requires a soak off.

GLAM Mani (60min) / R425
_Full Mani – includes Gelish / Shellac application
GLAM Pedi (60min) / R450
_Full Pedi – includes Gelish / Shellac application
Just Gelish / Shellac – Hands or Feet (30min) / R380
_Nail preparation, Gelish or Shellac application. Excludes soak, exfoliate and massage
Medi-Heel Gel Pedi / R690
_Medi-Heel’s chemical peel is a keratolytic chemical and only works on the dead skin cells of the feet, it will not affect the healthy skin


Hands-only. No lamp needed. Soak off required to remove.

Gelish Dip with Tips / R600
Gelish Dip Glam Mani (60min) / R550
Gelish Dip Fill / R380


Softer form of acrylics and hard gels. Requires a soak off.

Polygel Overlay / R490
Polygel Overlay with Gelish/Shellac / R540
Polygel Fill / R440
Polygel Fill with Gelish/Shellac / R480
French / R50
Polygel with Tips / R590


Longest lasting of all the nail systems. Can be filled. Requires a soak off.

Natural OR French Tips / R500
_Natural or White (French) tips are applied to the natural nail with an Acrylic overlay
Natural Tips with Gelish / Shellac Overlay / R550
_Natural tips are applied with an Acrylic or Gelish overlay
Natural Tips with Paint / R520
_Natural tips with an Acrylic overlay and a French polish application

Overlay / R450
Overlay with polish / R460
Overlay with Gel / R500

Fill on Natural / R330
Fill with normal polish / R350
Fill with Gelish/Shellac / R390
Nail Repair per nail / R50
French / R50


Gelish / Shellac Soak off / R100
_Includes a file & buff – no paint
_Add normal polish / R195
Gelish / Shellac Soak off with a new set / R60
Acrylic or Polygel Soak off / R120
_Includes a file & buff – no paint
Acrylic or Polygel Soak off with a new set / R80


Just Gelish Mani & Just Gelish Pedi / R600
_Excludes soak off

Just Gelish Mani & Glam Pedi with normal polish / R650
_Excludes soak off

Just Gelish Mani & Glam Gelish Pedi / R700
_Excludes soak off


Restore damaged/brittle nails.
IBX Treatment (Add on any Mani/Pedi) / R120
Vitagel Treatment (Add on any Mani/Pedi) / R170


Full Man-Mani (60min) / R225
_Full Mani – cuticle work if necessary, file, buff, soak, exfoliate and massage

Express Man-Mani (40min) / R140
_Cuticle work if necessary, file, buff and cream application

Full Man-Pedi (60min) / R295
_Full Pedi – cuticle work if necessary, file, buff, soak, exfoliate and massage

Express Man-Pedi (40min) / R195
_Cuticle work if necessary, file, buff and cream application

Medi-Heel Pedi (60min) / R500
_Medi-Heel’s chemical peel is a keratolytic chemical and only works on the dead skin cells of the feet, it will not affect the healthy skin. Simply add this to any pedi for moist, soft feet



_Basic Facial (60min) / R480
_Zone Initiation Peel (45min) / R500
_Zone Power Peel & Heal 30% (60min) / R720
_Zone Power Peel & Heal 50% (60min) / R850
_GLAM Facial & Peel (90min) / R930
Includes a head or hand massage

Deep Cleanse Vitamin Therapy Facial (60min) / R575
_Pre-cleanse, micro exfoliation, gentle facial massage, steam, clay masque, light extractions if necessary, alginate masque

Hands-on Vitamin Therapy Facial (60min) / R575
_Pre-cleanse, micro exfoliation, gentle facial massage, day masque, steam, Vitamin A&C Serum

Acne Peel (60min) / R575
Mild TCA Peel (60min) / R595
Advanced TCA Peel (90min) / R740

Microneedling: (90-120min)
Microneedling helps in removing dark spots, surface scarring, fine wrinkles, crow’s feet, acne scars, dark circles and bags under the eyes to give your face a healthy glowing look
_Face / R1350
_Face & Neck / R1550
_Face, Neck & Decollete / R1800
_Small area (chin, forehead, cheek) / R600

Hydradermie Lift (60min) / R1200
_The ultimate anti-ageing treatment. A lifting treatment using specialised microcurrent techniques to tone, firm and lift. Deep cleansing and hydrating for absolute radiance

Hydradermie (60min) / R770
_A hydrating treatment that restores radiance. Active ingredients are propelled into the deeper layers of the skin resulting in an excellent deep cleanse and visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

Hydradermie Plus (60min) / R850
_Hydradermie, including the use of concentrated serums around the eyes, neck and décolleté area resulting in youthful, vibrant skin tone

Hydradermie Lift Deluxe (90min) / R1550
_The ultimate face therapy for softening of fine lines, skin discolouration, enlarged pores, blemishes and scars

Lift Summum (60min) / R1500
_A luxurious firming treatment that relaxes the features, smoothes away fine lines and adds a luminous glow

Hydra-Peeling PH (60 min) / R1200
_Deeply and safely peel the skin with absolutely no downtime. Directly targets pigmentation, reduces the appearance of fine lines and adds instant radiance to the skin, Suited to all skin types.

Hydra-Peeling Hydrabrasion (60 min) / R1000
_Intensely exfoliate with Cellulose particles and gently peel with Papaya extract. Instantly rejuvenated dull, lifeless skin and boost blood circulation. Targeting fine lines and superficial pigmentation.

Detoxygene (60 min) / R1300
_This treatment reoxygenates the skin, removing toxins and pollution. A specialised clay mask is used to remove matter from the skin and the skin is able to breathe and appears radiant.  Suitable for all skin types.

Microdermabrasion Facial (60min) / R690
_Cleanse, steam, exfoliate, mask and massage
Improve the appearance of superficial lines and uneven pigmentation while making your skin look and feel softer, smoother and more radiant. (No downtime)


Galvanic / R150
_Allows for deeper penetration of the products to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment overall

High Frequency / R150
_Anti-bacterial and germicidal. Assists with oiliness and breakout reduce inflammation and sensitivity

LED Light Therapy / R150
_Can be incorporated with any facial. 6-12 LED sessions recommended.


LED Light Therapy (6 sessions) / R1400
Zone Power Peel & Heal 30% (6 sessions) / R4000
Zone Power Peel & Heal 50% (6 sessions) / R4700
Microdermabrasion (6 sessions) / R3000


Fake Bake Full Face / Body / R550
_For best results, exfoliate, wax, shave beforehand. Wear dark, loose fitting clothing and open sandals to your appointment. Do not apply makeup or moisturiser



Back / R385
Chest / R385
Stomach / R330
Ear/Nose/Brow / R110
Full Leg / R340
Half Leg / R230
Full Arm / R260
Shoulders & Neck / R250
Back/Chest & Stomach / R850


Brow & Lip / R170

Full Face / R270
_Removal of hair on cheeks, jawline, temples and upper lip

Brow, Lip OR Chin each / R95

Full Leg / R285
_Does not include the top of the feet and toes or the bikini line

Three-Quarter Leg / R240
_Includes the top of the feet and toes to the mid-thigh

Half Leg / R220
_Includes the top of the feet and toes to about 4cm above the knee

Full Arm / R230
_Front and back of the arm, up to the shoulder and including the top of the hands and fingers

Half Arm / R175
_Front and back of the arm up to the crease/fold of the elbow and including the top of the hands and fingers

Underarm / R145

Stomach / R150

Hollywood / R300
_Removal of all hair in the bikini area

Brazilian / R265
_All hair removed except for a ‘landing strip’

Bikini / R175
_Hair removal on the sides and top of bikini line

Back / R130


Eyebrows (15min) / R110
Chin (10min) / R100
Lip (10min) / R100
Lip/Brow & Chin (20min) / R235
Full Face (20min) / R275
Brow Thread & Tint / R205
Brow Thread & Tint & Lash Tint / R285



Swedish Full Body (60min) / R595
Swedish Full Body (90min) / R720
Swedish Back, Neck & Shoulder (30min) / R370

Deep Tissue Full Body (60min) / R690
Deep Tissue Full Body (90min) / R850
Deep Tissue Back, Neck & Shoulder (45min) / R550

Sports Full Body (60min) / R690

Energising Aromatherapy Full Body (60min) / R670
Energising Aromatherapy Full Body (90min) / R750

Relaxing Aromatherapy Full Body (60min) / R670
Relaxing Aromatherapy Full Body (90min) / R750

Hot Stone (60min) / R595
Hot Stone (90min) / R650

Pregnancy (60min) / R595

Reflexology Feet Therapy (45min) / R470

Calf & Foot Massage (45min) / R470
Soothing Foot Massage (30min) / R370

Indian Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage (45min) / R490

Deep Cleanse Back Ritual (45min) / R450
_Deep Cleanse Facial for your back

Thalgo Hydrating Body Wrap (45min) / R720
Thalgo Integrative Slimming Wrap (60min) / R1220
_Includes a head massage


Lash Lift (45min) / R470

Lash Lift & TintR540

Lash Lift, Brow Tint & Lash Tint / R600

Brow Lamination (45min)R450
Brow Lamination & Tint / R500

Lash Tint (15min) / R100
_Recommended before lash extensions if you have light hair

Brow Tint (15min) / R100

Lash & Brow Tint (15min)R170

Brow wax & Tint & Lash Tint / R275

Brow Thread & Tint / R195

Brow Thread & Tint & Lash Tint / R275

Henna Brows (45min) / R350
_Including wax, tweeze or thread

Lash Extension Removal (45min) / R180

Classic / Single Lash Extensions:
_Full Set (60min) / R800

Hybrid Lash Extensions
_Full Set (90min) / R850

Russian Volume Lash Extensions:
_Full Set (90min) / R950
Classic Lash Fill from / R490
Volume Lash Fill from / R600



Ears / Women (R195), Men (R250)
Forehead / Women (R250), Men (R295)
Monobrow / unibrow/ Women (R195), Men (R250)
Eyebrows / Women (R370), Men (R400)
Upper lip / lower lip / Women (R170), Men (R190)
Chin / Women (R170), Men (R190)
Shave line / Women (R200), Men (R220)
Side burns / Women (R220), Men (R250)
Cheeks / Women (R250), Men (R320)
Nose (incl. nasal hair) / Women (R195), Men (R230)
Neck front / back / Women (R250), Men (R295)
Full head (for balding Men/ Women ) / Full beard (incl. neck) / Women (R800), Men (R800)


Shoulders / Men (R840), Women (R600)
Lower arms (excl. elbow) / Men (R760), Women (R700)
Upper arm (incl. elbow) / Men (R780), Women (R960)
Half upper arm (excl. elbow) / Men (R870), Women (R640)

Full arm
/ Men (R1450), Women (R1250)
Underarm / Men (R490), Women (R400)
Hands / feet (incl. fingers / toes) / Men (R310), Women (R250)
Fingers or toes / Men (R250), Women (R210)
upper back(Incl. shoulders) / Men (R1180), Women (R990)
Full back / Men (R2200), Women (R1500)
Areola / Men (R300), Women (R250)

Chest & Stomach (incl. areola)
/ Men (R690), Women (R1580)
Stomach / Men (R990), Women (R1180)
Belly button path / Mini Lower back / Men (R265), Women (R310)
Buttocks / Men (R450), Women (R510)


Bikini (sides and top) / Men (R600), Women (R700)
G-string / speedo (incl. cheeks) / Men (R660), Women (R900)
Brazilian bikini (strip) / Men (R730), Women (R950)

/ Men (R900), Women (R1300)
Hollywood extended (all off incl. cheeks) / Men (R1050), Women (R1400)


Half legs upper/ lower (incl. knees) / Men (R1550), Women (R1,800)
Feet (Incl. toes) / Men (R285), Women (R330)
Full legs / Men (R2100), Women (R2550)


Treat a friend or loved one to the ultimate urban pamper.
Gift cards and vouchers are available at reception.
They are available in Rand or treatment value.
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We have a wide range of Environ, RegimA & Guinot home-care products.
We also stock Fake Bake at home tanning range, Thalgo and more.


A beautiful venue for your next party! Together we will make your baby shower, hen party, office party, kids princess party or ladies day out one to remember.


_ Stipulated treatment time is only a guideline and can vary between clients.
_ No shows will be charged the full treatment amount.
_ Kindly note that arriving late means you will receive a shorter treatment at full price.
_ We require a 24hr cancellation notice.
_ A deposit may be required for group bookings.

MENU UPDATED: November 2021